Welcome to FUN!!!

The Arbuckles are all about FUN and that is what time spent here should be. The Fun Times Magazine will be your guide to things to do and places to see. Pull it up on your new-fangled phone and keep it handy. Or, pick up a print version, roll it up, stick it in your pocket, and use it to set your course on the jovial journey ahead. Reference pages, maps, and informative stories will put you in-the-know for your visit.

So strap in, drop it in drive, and get ready for adventure. Leave your uptight adult thinking back at work and come with child-like passion for pure, playful merriment! Shake off constraints of time and the pressures of life and jump headlong into youthful abandon. (Note from Editor: We do have law enforcement officers here and, while friendly, they would recommend you keep some sensibilities about you!)

The Arbuckles are the place to hike a hill, swim a stream, and zip with zest through the breeze. Maybe it is total relaxation you are after, being taken care of and letting life drift by. You have opportunities to walk in the footsteps of early-day settlers, explore the culture of our Native American inhabitants and to learn about the price of freedom. Treasure hunting abounds in the Arbuckles, whether that comes in the form of examining rare geology, going “junking”, taking a ranger-guided tour or a bit of “retail therapy”.

What will it take for you to leave normal in the rearview mirror? You may need to drop your typical self at home, slam the door and drive away. Break character, put on a purple fedora with a huge flower, or some psychedelic high-top tennis shoes or at least turn your shirt inside out and backwards! Take action. Don’t be that up-tight version of yourself…be fun! Even if it’s just for a few days in the Arbuckles. I’ll be watching for you!

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We hope you enjoy your visit…and come back soon!